Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga is a good fit for you if: 

  • You seek to start a yoga practice or deepen your understanding of yoga, including the lifestyle + the physical poses 
  • You are dealing with anxiety, and/or serious stress and you need the tools to cope
  • You are at a personal crossroads and want the support to move through with guidance and grace
  • You seek a full mind, body, and spiritual connection

In a private yoga session, you’ll get:

  • An initial consultation to discuss your unique needs & goals
  • Personalized meditation and movement 
  • Time to discuss your body and stressors that might be affecting your mind, movement, & meditation
  • 45-50 minutes of movement, breathing, and meditation to practice with support as well as at home
  • 5-10 minute post practice check-in: What questions do you have? How can we move forward with this emotion, physical ailment, concern? How can we encourage a home practice to keep you healthy in body and mind? 
  • Support for designing a meditation practice and a home yoga routine that works for you 
    Private Yoga is NOT simply a private class or a personal training session. Instead, it’s helping you find peace within one breath, one mantra, one movement, and one smile at a time.
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