Physical movements are required in assuming the final stage and in coming out of that stage in various Yogic postures. Following are some essential qualities of Yogic movements.

All Yogic Movements (except in some Kriyas and Pranayamas) should be Slow, Steady, Controlled, Rythmic, Attractive, Conditioned, Pleasurable, Least exerting and Continuous.

These qualities are discussed below.

  1. SLOW : Slow means slow in speed like that in slow motion pictures. Yogic movements must have a slow rate of progression for optimum neuromuscular co-ordination. 
  2. STEADY : Movements should not be accompanied with any sort of tremors. The movements must be smoot. This requires proper muscular co-ordination.
  3. CONTROLLED : One must be able to stop/change the speed of one’s movements. For this puropse, the conscious mind or the nervous system should control the movements, and not the physical forces like the gravitational force, momentum. etc.
  4. RHYTHMIC : The speed should be maintained right from the beginning till the end of movement. The speed should not be varied intermittenly or erratically, i.e. jerks hould be avoided.
  5. ATTRACTIVE : With rhythm and grace going with the movements, they should become like ‘Poetry in Action’. The movements must be pleasing to an aesthetic eye.
  6. CONDITIONED : In beginning one has to use one’s conscious mind a little, to control th Yogic movements. By dint of practice the movements become conditioned and habitual, i.e. one is able to go into the movements almost automatically and with greater ease.
  7. PLEASURABLE : While making different Yogic movements one should get a feeling of joy. This ensures pleasure to the mind as well as to the body of the person performing a Yogic posture.
  8. LEAST EXERTING : As a rule, any movement requires exertion but in Yogic postures the movements should be entail minimum exertion. This can be achieved by consciously relaxing those parts of the body which are not directly invlolved in attaining the posture.
  9. CONTINUOUS : Yogic movements should be like a flow, to have smooth and pleasing continuity.

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