Vrikshasana – The Tree Pose, is a remarkable Asana for improving balance. Its name is derived from the Sanskrit words Vriksha (meaning tree) and Asana (meaning a posture). This asana, where your leg takes charge as the roots of a tree, expresses  the essence of a deep-rooted tree which denotes strength and steadiness. It is a simple yet beneficial Asana. While practicing this posture, your entire body weight is placed on to one leg, strengthening that particular leg. Vrikshasana not only improves bodily and mental balance, but also bestows stability and poise.

Benefits of Vrikshasana

  • Helps improve body balance
  • Gives your body the optimum posture
  • Strengthens your legs, thighs, spine, shoulders, and arms
  • Tones your arm and leg muscles
  • Grants stability of mind and body
  • Can strengthen ligaments in your ankles and feet
  • Best pose for posture related complaints
  • Brings you to a rejuvenated and invigorated state
  • Greatly improves concentration
  • Known to reduce risks of sciatica

Contraindications of Vrikshasana

  • People who have high blood pressure or vertigo must avoid this Asana
  • People with migraine or insomnia must avoid this Asana