A take on Diet in Natural Living


Nowadays each and every person is talking healthy, the word healthy is becoming more stressful.

People want to lose weight, they follow different diets.  Some work and some don’t. The same diet doesn’t work for everyone .

Every body is different.  What works for Mr X won’t work for Mr Y. You have to listen to your body, understand your body requirements; access what food is good and what is unhealthy for yourself.

Instead of losing body weight, try to lose the fats around your stomach.  

There are so many diets out there in the market but I believe to live a healthy and fit life one should eat a well balanced meal.

Follow the Biological Clock routine for a healthy living

a)Eliminating Phase – 4:00 am to 12:00 pm

During this phase Bowel cleaning, sweating through exercise, mental detoxifying through meditation is to be done. Fruits are the best cleansers, hence breakfast should exclusively consist  of fruits.

b) Digestive Phase – 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

 Lunch and dinner should be taken in this phase.

c) Repair Phase – 8:00 pm to 4:00 am.

Repair/Regeneration in the body takes place when we sleep quietly. Hence we should not go to bed late.

Begin your day with a Lemon shot or Warm water with Lemon followed by brisk walking, Soorya Namaskar, Yoga, Meditation, Swimming, Gymming  or any other  form of exercise.  

Morning around 8:00 am eat fruits for breakfast, the term digestion is not valid to fruits. Fruits are rich in fructose, vitamins minerals and antioxidants, fibre is plenty in fruits which doesn’t digest but simply moves further in the digestive track and the nourishing ingredients reach the tissues within 30 minutes. Hence you will feel hungry soon as fruits get absorbed in the body within 30 minutes, later on around 10:00am or so one can have a light snack.

Fruits are to be consumed exclusively, sugar should not be added in fruit juices, also sour and sweet fruits should not be mixed as ideally one type of seasonal fruit should be consumed at a time.  

Lunch should be light approx 2 rotis. One bowl of green veggies, one bowl of dal, one bowl of rice preferably unpolished rice as it is richer in Vitamin B as well as fibre content.  Add some green salad.

Tea  Time have green Tea instead of  Regular Tea if possible, If you are a coffee drinker take black coffee without sugar instead of coffee with milk. Avoid milk if possible.  You can snack on some Digestive Biscuits or some Healthy Baked snacks.

Dinner before 8:00 pm, Have a light dinner

Instead of wheat rotis eat rotis made from Jowar, Bajra, Nachani. Nachani is very rich in Vitamin B, calcium, iron and fibre.   

Say no to Sugar, Maida, Lessen your salt intake

Fresh fruits, raw vegetables, sprouts, few tubers and nuts are the natural food for human race. For sprouting we should soak moong, matki, almonds, groundnuts and even Til.

Fast once a week:  Like machines, rest is also essential for the digestive system.  Short fasting for a day or two helps to give the system most desired rest and excretes the toxins more efficiently. Take sufficient water intermittently. One can also have juice or fruit fasting. Diabetic patients should not have a complete fast.

Processed, preserved, refined, sugary, oily, spicy, sticky junk food like biscuits, chocolates, soft drinks, burgers, fermented dishes, ice creams which are acidogenic have only dead calories leading to obesity and are totally deprived of vitamins, mineral, antioxidants, fibre and vitality. The above foods should be avoided as far as possible by everyone but more so strictly by the obese, diabetics and patients suffering from high BP, heart and joint problems.  

Be Happy, achieve Natural health with yoga