aRe YoU HaPpY?

Happiness is the most elusive thing in today’s life.

Everyone wants to be happy right? Everyone has the right to be happy!

Our happiness and unhappiness depends, to a great extent on ourselves. Each person is a creation of his own thoughts. He becomes what he feels about himself. Hence, happiness and unhappiness depend more on one’s mental attitude. It is said that the greatest cause of unhappiness is our attachment to worldly things and our ambition to acquire them. Some find happiness in shopping, buying a new phone, new car etc, but all these are temporary.      

People today keep saying I need a break, need to go far away I want to go soul searching; I need to find answers, so people go seeking happiness, answers, and soul searching. Sometimes we feel that if we go to the mountains we will find happiness. If we join a program in some ashrams we will find happiness, mental peace.  Taking a break going on a vacation is different, but if you are seeking happiness, answers from the universe that is entirely different. If you seek answers from the universe then you will have to attain Samadhi, the ultimate aim of Yoga in which the mind reaches the highest bliss. Only gurus and yogis have managed to attain. So for us mere mortals we opt for a week long program and we do find happiness in the program, the mind is calmer, we are at peace within and everything feels so amazing, but when we complete that program and are back in the daily routine do we practice whatever we have learnt? Most probably the answer is no, we are busy in this fast paced lifestyle and life comes full circle we are again caught up in the same web and after few days the mental peace is again disturbed. Everything goes haywire.

One negative thought and the peace is disturbed.  It just takes a second to ruin our entire self. It’s not just the fast paced lifestyle but our mind that is always on the run, Mind is a wanderer, keeps running all the time for example we know that reaching our office will take an hour and there will be traffic but still we will create unnecessary stress thinking about the traffic, in short we have just generated stress. In this way when we create stress we create fear in ourselves. One life let us make this journey smooth, make it enjoyable, problems will be there but let’s learn to deal and cope with it. Unite the mind and the body. Erase the negative force and embrace positivity.  Stop getting irritated, frustrated, stop complaining, don’t blame others, don’t cheat or lie, don’t nitpick, don’t worry about what people think or say about you, don’t make excuses, don’t judge others, don’t overeat, don’t try to find fault in others, don’t be perfect, Do not clutter your mind, do not clutter your home, do not clutter your work space, do not talk more, talk when you are needed too, do not gossip

There is nothing we can do about the past and for the future we can just plan so better to be in the present and make the most of it.  So instead of going up in the mountains or the outside to seek happiness, answers or whatever we have lost inside ourselves, let’s seek it within ourselves in the present situation with a smile on our face. Be happy in the moment be happy in whatever you are doing be it cooking, working at your desk job, be it any kind of work maybe it’s not what you wanted to do but you still have to do it. Take a walk in the park, sit quietly under a big tree in the daytime inhale in fresh air feel the touch of fresh air on your face it relieves the heaviness in the head and lethargy, pacifies the body and mind. Involve yourself in the beauty of nature, nature is great. Plant and grow various plants wherever possible. Do regular exercise, exercising releases endorphins which are a feel good chemical released by the brain, maintain cleanliness. Keep more open space as much as possible at your residence and work place, listening to soothing music releases Alfa waves in the brain which induces deep relaxation, Be cheerful, be happy keep a Positive mental attitude, keep your thoughts pure, always be in good company be surrounded by positive people in your life. Eat meals in minimum quantity maintain a satvik diet. Maintain silence as and when possible. Sleep well, while you are sleeping your body is in repairing phase, a good quality sleep heals your body so sleep deeper and better.

Stress management is one of the most important lessons to live a healthy and happy life. Do deep breathing, deep breathing can reduce mental tension and refresh the mind in the shortest time. Practice yoga, do meditation.

Always remember, be thankful for what you have right now. What matters most is how you choose to spend your time. Be thankful for the time you spend with people who bring you joy and happiness. Show them your gratitude. Lost money, or possessions, can be found again. Lost time is lost forever.  

Don’t worry be happy, Take each and every day in your stride enjoy it, Keep a smile on your face and see the difference.

Achieve, Natural health with yoga.

Photo credit @bekka.mongeau (Instagram)