“Balance is health, imbalance is disease”

Medical science has announced that 90-95% physical disorders occur due to tensions. Physical disorders like blood pressure, acidity, ulcers, back problems, constipation, depression etc. It is said that more and more diseases are occurring due to the fast paced lifestyle, but to an extent human race is itself responsible for all the diseases.  Mind!  Our mind is always preoccupied, one thought after the other. It just keeps wandering, that is why it is said Mind is like a butterfly, unsettled. Humans spend nearly half their waking hours thinking about what isn’t going on around them. It is said that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind. A wandering mind is a hotbed of negative and vain thoughts. A Harvard study reveals that wandering minds are directly related to unhappiness. 

Negative thoughts can produce physical symptoms like an upset stomach, acidity, breathing disorders. Negative emotions and thoughts may also upset the body’s hormonal balance, deplete the brain chemicals required for happiness, and damage the immune system leading to other serious health problems, like anxiety, heart disease and can actually decrease our lifespan. There is only one Life. Let’s try to live this journey happily and peacefully, the road is never smooth. Challenges will be there, have the ability to face it. Stop your thoughts from wandering; learn to control your mind. Unite the Mind & the Body. Do Yoga, Pranayama, meditation…

Once you are on the mat, you will definitely benefit from it. The only thing is that you have to make an effort to practice. I have seen people opt for yoga only after they are diagnosed with some mental, physical disorders, diseases or if things haven’t worked out for them, yoga is their last resort. My question is why wait for something to happen? Adapt yoga as early you can. Start practicing while you are healthy, derive the benefits and live a healthy stress free life. “Balance is health, imbalance is disease” For the outer body we go to the gym exercise, build muscles to look good, but what about the inner self, the inner organs that are keeping us alive – the inner system. Adapt Yoga as a way of life, regular yogic practices ensure flexibility of body and mind, at the physical level, Yogic practices affect the systems of the body through various stretches and contractions, creating negative and positive pressures on certain parts, manipulating the pressure on the internal vital organs, endocrine glands etc. At the mental level, the mind is rejuvenated; there is improvement of power of concentration, relaxation providing relief from strong or repressed emotions and flowing thoughts inwards, which helps to control the mind to some extent by controlling its ally, respiration.

In a way, flexibility is a sign of youthfulness and rigidity is a sign of old age. 

Achieve natural health with yoga