Life is fragile we all know…

Life is fragile we all know … one second we are here and in the next whoosh gone…There is so much pain in the world and every individual is definitely going thru some kind of a problem Some can handle it some can’t.

Everyone has problems, but taking the extreme step…  No never! what goes on in the mind of an individual he or she only knows… we cannot read minds, wish we could… at least we could save lives. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor… mind games are entirely different it can effect any human being.

Staying sane in today’s world is so very impossible… one has to be calm and composed and know how to handle situations, but not every one is capable to handle it… it takes a second/half a second for life to take a turn… it’s the mind that conjures up negative thoughts every second, it’s said that a human mind goes through 60,000 thoughts each day, it’s  damn difficult to tame the mind… we are human after all, try to be positive and think positive, be surrounded with positive people… call someone speak your heart out… doesn’t matter who it is, speak to some one make his/her day and yours right … stay away from negative people… spread joy… if possible help people, feel the positive vibrations around you it is there in abundance in the atmosphere, in nature… Nature is a great divine healer… Just breathe Take a deep breath and let it go… Meditate, try to still the mind.I know it’s easy to say but give it a try. 

Why people commit sucide? I have always wondered what went on in their minds at the very last moment that they decided to take such a drastic step of killing themselves. As it is life is so short and only God knows how many life’s you really get to play as a human or this is the only life you have as a human. So don’t give it away… live it!. There are people who don’t won’t to die, almost each and every human being wants to live longer or be immortal… every human being is scared of death and still few end it way too soon, Why?… This will always remain a mystery, there will never be an answer to this, only the Universe knows, in the end we humans can only say gone too soon, you will me missed. Only the immediate family and closed ones will feel the pain and sorrow of the person who has gone, a heartbroken family who will miss a loved one forever…

In the present situation since the outbreak of Covid19, last few months have been really very sad and depressing.Nights of uncertainty – No work, no income, insecurity about the future but gotta hang in there, this too shall pass. 

You are not alone, each and every individual in this world is going thru a problem and most are braving it, take the problem head on, easier said than done but Live each day, Live each moment 

Keep the faith – believe in the supreme, believe in god, believe in the universe  
Activate those happy chemicals

Endorphins – Exercise, laugh a lot 

Dopamine – Do some good work, complete a project

Serotonin – Charity, Do something for others – Help, advice, support

Oxcytocin – Give a Hug – Jaadu ki Jhapi Munnabhai style, Bond with your near and dear ones.

Release these happy chemicals in your body feel good and also make others feel good.
Just breathe…Stay Alive!

Sushant Singh Rajput you have been immortalised on the silver screen, you will live forever in our hearts. – Natural Health with Yoga #naturalhealthwithyoga