7 Alarming Truths you must know before opting for a Course in Meditation (Dhyanasadhana)

  1. Meditation is like a vehicle. Traveler has to decide whether to make use of it to go for a picnic or a pilgrimage.
  2. Meditation is a powerful medium. It all depends upon the desire, capability and attitude of the one who is practicing Dhyana as to whether to be satisfied with materialistic gains obtained from it or to enter into deeper spiritual area too. 
  3. There are various levels and grades in progress of Meditation. The level of progress of Dhyana is dependent upon various factors including the attitude and intensity of the person practicing Dhyana, time devoted for practicing and understanding the concept of Meditation.
  4. The virtuous uplift, psychosomatic development and materialistic gains obtained due to Meditation can be experienced and verified to a large extent by the one who is practicing as well as others too. 
  5. There’s no doubt that the fundamental and ultimate objective of Yogic practices like Meditation, etc. is attaining Moksha or Kaivalya that is eternal bliss but Hatha Yoga claims that Yoga Sadhana like Dhyana, etc. also help and give courage, solace, happiness to common people in temporal life who are troubled, harassed, unfortunate, stressed, with lives full of worries by getting rid of their stress and strains, miseries and problem.
  6. The method and technique of Meditation is simple. Maha-Yogi Gorakshanath has advised that Dhyana should be practiced joyfully.
  7. Some people are exponents in Meditation by birth. Some are naturally inclined towards Dhyana. Some master Dhyana stage effortlessly in short time, whereas some have to toil to gain progress in Dhyanasadhana and there are few who can never achieve Dhyana. However every individual with a stable mind has the right to practice Meditation and derive the benefits from it.