Now that I have your attention, read on and try to understand the biological clock of your body and follow and make changes to your life style accordingly for a healthier you.

What I am going to disclose is something nobody will share with you. 

Diet should be as per the biological cycle.

It is equally important to know when to eat and when not to eat, along with what to eat and what to avoid. 

Inappropriate lifestyle is the root cause of ‘Auto immune Diseases’.  

Inappropriate lifestyle means incorrect timings of diet, alongside mental stress and lack of exercise and incorrect diet.

Based on secretion of various hormones, natural living divides the day into three phases of eight hours each. 

A) Elimination Phase : Early Morning 4:00 to Noon 12:00 

During this phase it is expected to cleanse body by bowel moments, urination and getting rid of toxins via sweat by exercise and purification of mind by meditation. 

Fruits are best cleansers for body by detoxification, hence fruits should be consumed for breakfast. 

B) Digestive Phase : From noon 12 pm to night 8 pm 

It is expected to have meals during this period. Lunch and dinner should be eaten within this time period. 

C) Repair Phase: Night 8pm to Dawn 4am

It is expected to sleep during this time period. Repair- Regeneration in the body takes place when we sleep deep. Hence we should not go to bed very late in the night.  

Changes in diet and lifestyle should be made gradually – Not to try any drastic changes suddenly.

Experts say that eating food in very less or less than required quantity decreases strength, complexion, and vigour whereas eating in excess all the disorders erupt. 

It is very important to know that how much, what, when, where and how the diet should be taken. It proves beneficial to take diet as per the Agni-Digestive fire- in our body.  

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